I get to the floor we meet on and people are sitting outside of the classroom. I’m like, “have you went yet?” some have, some haven’t. My anxiety level raises a little bit. Before I went I took a natural herb, Valerian Root. It is supposed to help with anxiety, I have really really had anxiety.

Valerian Root Plus Calming Blend 450 mg,Capsules

It made me sleepy and calm. Or I was sleepy because I didnt have my cup of coffee this morning?

5 minutes before class, I met my partner. We practiced taking vital signs and then it was time to take the comp. The entire time I was thinking “Please do not pick anterior compartment of lower leg”. For some reason I always think prone, and it’s supposed to be supine.

So…what do I pick? Of course! Anterior compartment of lower leg, my mind freezes and i’m like…What position? What position? I do the vital signs like a champ, and then I put her in the WRONG position. Then, I self-corrected, whoosh! Good thing or I would have failed!

Before I left I had kashi golean cereal with fat free milk and a banana on the side. After the comp, I had a luna smores bar. Now..I’m relaxing before work, drinking coffee.