I finally lost the 6lbs I gained back during my binges, now just to lose the other 2lbs and i’ll feel all better. 🙂

Halloween: I worked 14 hours. Boo! But at work I dressed up at Salt and my coworker was Pepper

Next topic…Becoming Vegan. My boyfriend was watching the History channel and how you make pork rinds…I was sick to my stomach and have been looking into becoming vegan. I have not eaten any meat, dairy or eggs in 2 days. Everytime I think “it was just a little thing”, my stomach gets upset and I really don’t feel like eating much. I’ve been researching it for the past 2 days. So anyway, if my diet lacks meat, dairy and eggs- this is why.

My breakfast was boring this morning.

1/3 cup of oatmeal w/cinnamon and a banana= 235

This morning I am trying an abs class and power yoga with my friend beth- i’m a wee bit scared, but i’ll update and let you know how it went.


-abs went well, i could definately feel it. Thumbs up to ab class
-power yoga- ouch! my arms hurt. my wrists hurt. i feel good. 🙂 i actually did the class. I couldnt get one move correct, i need to practice it at home.

…I hate feeling like i’m getting sick. ugh