Hi there! I am Kate. I am 23 years old. At my highest weight I was 220 pounds. I am now 152 pounds, and stuck in a vicious circle: “lose weight, binge, gain weight, lose weight, binge, gain weight…”

This is my life. I only have one body and I need to treat it correctly. I am tired of the cycle. I control my behaviors, I allow myself to binge and eat unhealthy things. I am ready to control these cravings and work on myself.

I have signed up for a 5k on December 5th, so I am learning to love to run…its already in motion. I am trying to run longer as well as faster. Right now I can run 2.5 miles in about 28 minutes…not the best but it is improving everyday. I couldn’t run at all before.

Things about me:
I have an amazing boyfriend
– I am a student physical therapist assistant
– I work in a BAKERY
We (the Boyfriend) and I have a puppy, named Carly.
– I am trying to lose 20 pounds
– In addition to my boyfriend I am in love with ice cream, cookies and lemon bars
– My dream is to get my doctorate
– I am a binge eater
– I have been in the cycle for a long time. 7 years.
– In high school (10th grad year 2002) I went from 200lbs to 155lb then I GAINED it all back and more, (2004/2005) 220lbs to 145 (2009)…
-I now range between 145lb- 155lb monthly