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Tomorrow is officially November! Whoop whoop. Time to get down to the nitty gritty. School work and losing weight. I was actually told the other day that I had “a pretty face”. Ugh. So time to lose weight, and KEEP IT OFF. I need to make a running plan and stick to it.


You know who I want to become friends with? ABBY. (Biggest Loser) She is such a great woman, I mean for goodness sake, she SMILES when she CRIES! She is so generous, loving, caring and inspirational. I do not know by any means the amount of heartache she went through when she lost her family but she still gets up every day and she knows who she is.  If you don’t watch Biggest Loser, click here to learn about ABBY.


Today is an early day at work, which is why I am up so early (4:10am) and I have to go to the gym after work.

To Do:
-finish a chapter of my classwork
-dinner for the Boyfriend and I
-go to bed early since I had an early morning

The day continues…I feel like I have done a lot today. That is a first since the last couple to Mondays I have been useless.  For lunch I had 4oz chicken breast (110cal), 1 cup of butternut squash (80cal) and applesauce (50cal) and an Archer Farm fruit strip (45cal) = 285 cal


Then I laid down to watch some movie off netflix (watch instantly) Gigantic. I didn’t like it at all, so I stopped watching it took the dog out, did some laundry. Found out that I got a 96% on my midterm!! Whoo Hoo and had a mid afternoon snack of carrots (25cal), celery(10cal), peppers (10cal) and hummus (50cal) = 95cal

Oh yeah and I need some sweetness so I had a mini Clif peanut butter bar (100cal).

Now it’s time to get my school work started…Documentation Basics- a guide for the physical therapist assistant- Whoo hoo….

Next Monday I go into my new job to learn some stuff, i’m pretty excited about it.

My belly is really feeling scared right now…Mid-term comp!