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When I know that I have a party coming up where I will make unhealthy food choices I pack my own food with me. Because I know me, not only will I eat the brownie and icecream. I’ll sneak another brownie and more icecream when people aren’t around. I cant just have one taste, I feel like I have to have the entire thing, like I will never eat food again. If I don’t taste the unhealthy food, I wont eat more.

I don’t feel weird eating my veggies at dinner because at least they know i’m eating. I don’t want to lose weight and people think that I am not eating. That happened this past summer. I went on vacation with my sisters and I ordered a ceaser salad with grilled chicken. No cheese, no croutons and dressing on the side. The waitress got it all wrong so I only ate the grilled chicken. Then at the store on the way home I grabbed an apple to snack on and my sister said “is that all you are getting?” My sisters know of my past and as soon as we got back they told my mom that I wasn’t eating.

In fact, I was eating. I just made healthy decisions….If only I could make those all of the time.


For lunch I made a pizza on Naan, but not without snacking on some hummus and colorful peppers. My favorite are the orange bell peppers. What is your favorite?
Picture 030

Then came this lovely lady…Naan with tomato sauce, spinach, tomatos, mushrooms and mozzerella cheese. Yum! I only ate half.
Picture 031

Picture 032

Picture 025
from left to right::
-apple, Maranatha peanut butter, turkey burger, Newman’s Own Mango salsa, spaghetti squash, peppers, cucumbers, hummus, Chobani, Kashi cereal, chicken breast sammie, string cheese, and in the center a Luna bar.

I maybe, maybe…had some sweets today at work… I couldn’t resist.