The day continues…I feel like I have done a lot today. That is a first since the last couple to Mondays I have been useless.  For lunch I had 4oz chicken breast (110cal), 1 cup of butternut squash (80cal) and applesauce (50cal) and an Archer Farm fruit strip (45cal) = 285 cal


Then I laid down to watch some movie off netflix (watch instantly) Gigantic. I didn’t like it at all, so I stopped watching it took the dog out, did some laundry. Found out that I got a 96% on my midterm!! Whoo Hoo and had a mid afternoon snack of carrots (25cal), celery(10cal), peppers (10cal) and hummus (50cal) = 95cal

Oh yeah and I need some sweetness so I had a mini Clif peanut butter bar (100cal).

Now it’s time to get my school work started…Documentation Basics- a guide for the physical therapist assistant- Whoo hoo….

Next Monday I go into my new job to learn some stuff, i’m pretty excited about it.


When I first want to lose weight about ten months ago I counted calories and exercised. Then about 3 months ago I got the Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean books, great books! Anyways, I stopped counting calories, and started eating clean. Then I stopped eating clean religiously and stopped counting calories. Now I am all out of whack with my healthy lifestyle. I also used to wake up early every morning and for the past month or so I have been sleeping in and not really being active.

My alarm was set for 6:45 this morning and I was out of bed at 6:50! hooray for me! Calorie counting here I come!


4 egg whites w/ spinach, tomato and mushrooms. 1 medium banana= 211 calories


So, I stepped on the scale this morning and my eyes just about popped out of my skull. 156.2, I can seriously not remember the last time I weighed this much. I do not know when I let myself get out of control with eating, but obviously I did. I am ashamed. I am sad. I will get over this. I have stocked up on veggies and fruits yesterday on our way home from PA. The Boyfriend and I took my neices to the hands on house. We stopped at a vegetable stand on the way home and I got:
-acorn squash
-spaghetti squash
-a dozen tomatoes
-a dozen apples
-a green pepper
-2 zucchini
-4 kiwi
-a bunch of bananas
For a total of $10!!!


To Do:
Online class work
Call service learning location
Cook butternut squash
Clean out car

Oh…the gym. I missed the gym so much. i did an hour on the AMT machine and burnt 719 calories and went 5.9 miles.

I am now eating an apple and barney almond butter = 275

Well Good Morning…It is a Saturday morning and I am up and at ’em at 4:45, well I woke up at 4:10 – had to shower and get ready for work.

Good News: I won’t be doing this for long, I got a new job! Whoo-Hoo! Good bye sweet treats everyday! I work at a bakery now. Here is a little taste of what I walk into everyday. Just be glad you don’t also have to smell what I smell at 5:20 AM when I walk through those doors.

The new job I am going to is a temp job as a physical therapist aide, I am currently a student physical therapist assistant. There is a huge difference between an aide and an assistant. I am so excited to be an aide before I actually do the real thing. I am going to go all the way and become a physical therapist, its going to be a long journey but I’m ready.

The aide job starts in mid-November and is over in mid-January. This is also a blessing because in mid-January my school schedule changes to 4 days a week, all day long. So, the company is going to hire me for a desk job at their gym in mid-January for the weekends. Which is triple awesome because its MY gym and then I really won’t have any excuses not to go to the gym since infact I will be working there! Whoop Whoop!

MORE GOOD NEWS- Julie from Julie GoLean is giving away a sweet gift of Nature’s Path. Awesome right? Right. Check out her giveaway and the rest of her blog!


My size 8 khakis are feeling a little snug. This could be because its my “girl time”. Or because i’ve been bingeing. Whatever it’s from, I don’t enjoy it. The end. 🙂

This too shall pass.

After work, the Boyfriend and I are going to my parents to carve pumpkins with my sisters and neices 🙂 Tomorrow we are taking my neices to a corn maze, pumpkin patch or to see a movie. We have yet to decide. Its really up to the girls. *I hope they pick corn maze/pumpkin patch!

I am so sleepy. School and then work, it wears me out. I had good eats tonight, just found out that my laptop battery charger is dead so I have to make this speedy!

I didn’t go over calories, for once this week. double yay for me!

For lunch I made a pizza on Naan, but not without snacking on some hummus and colorful peppers. My favorite are the orange bell peppers. What is your favorite?
Picture 030

Then came this lovely lady…Naan with tomato sauce, spinach, tomatos, mushrooms and mozzerella cheese. Yum! I only ate half.
Picture 031

Picture 032

I get to the floor we meet on and people are sitting outside of the classroom. I’m like, “have you went yet?” some have, some haven’t. My anxiety level raises a little bit. Before I went I took a natural herb, Valerian Root. It is supposed to help with anxiety, I have really really had anxiety.

Valerian Root Plus Calming Blend 450 mg,Capsules

It made me sleepy and calm. Or I was sleepy because I didnt have my cup of coffee this morning?

5 minutes before class, I met my partner. We practiced taking vital signs and then it was time to take the comp. The entire time I was thinking “Please do not pick anterior compartment of lower leg”. For some reason I always think prone, and it’s supposed to be supine.

So…what do I pick? Of course! Anterior compartment of lower leg, my mind freezes and i’m like…What position? What position? I do the vital signs like a champ, and then I put her in the WRONG position. Then, I self-corrected, whoosh! Good thing or I would have failed!

Before I left I had kashi golean cereal with fat free milk and a banana on the side. After the comp, I had a luna smores bar. Now..I’m relaxing before work, drinking coffee.

My belly is really feeling scared right now…Mid-term comp!

Picture 025
from left to right::
-apple, Maranatha peanut butter, turkey burger, Newman’s Own Mango salsa, spaghetti squash, peppers, cucumbers, hummus, Chobani, Kashi cereal, chicken breast sammie, string cheese, and in the center a Luna bar.

I maybe, maybe…had some sweets today at work… I couldn’t resist.

I am at work, taking a break..studying and blogging. Whoo! ha

The day is long and I am super nervous about tomorrow. I have a midterm comp and I not feel good about it. I have studied for 3 days, the test is going to take 20 minutes tops, but I am lacking the confidence I need for this. Cross your fingers, pray for me, I need all the luck in the world. Doing well is very important to me. I have a 95% in this class and would love to finish with the A.

Excuses not to exercise this morning::

-Spooning was just too nice at 4am
-I have to work 13 hours on my feet!
-If I get up, I have to let the dog out too
-What if the time from the gym changed and they don’t open at 5:30 in the morning any more
-I’ll burn my calories at work

These are the sabatoging thoughts that went through my head this morning and did I let them win…yes. Did I again become angry with my decision…yes. Will they win tomorrow morning? My golly, I hope not. Actually, no, they won’t.